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Parish Council

The Pastoral (Parish) Council members are representatives of the parish community who provide leadership and consultation with Fr. Staib, Deacon Joe, and other parish staff for the spiritual, liturgical, educational, social, and other activities of the parish. Each council member generally serves a term of 3 years. We select new members each year during Advent.

The council generally meets with Fr. Staib monthly to discuss various agenda items concerning the parish community. The dates & times of the council meetings are listed in the weekly Mass bulletin and on the Church calendar on the parish website. Regular council meetings are open to parishioners and a parishioner can present and discuss a matter in accordance with the Pastoral Council Constitution and Pastoral Council Bylaws. Any parishioner who wishes to present a matter for the consideration of the council may also do so by submitting the topic in writing (or email to to the council chairperson or Fr. Staib.

Name Title Contact
Danny Alexander Member 919-768-2070  Email
Bob Callaway Chairperson 919-601-1526  Email
Steve Dudzinski Member 919-909-5115  Email
Joe Fitzpatrick Member 919-757-9910  Email
Jim Galkowski Member
(ex officio)
919-387-1585  Email
Heather Hunkele Convener 919-303-0015  Email
Ursula Karazin Member 919-387-6256  Email
Joanne Martin Convener 919-244-5616  Email
Chuck Padvorac Member 919-995-0089  Email
Dick Richardson Member                           Email
Julie Rydzewski Secretary 919-672-7373  Email
Jeffrey Stumpf Vice
919-995-0095  Email
Dennis Taylor Member 919-906-3455  Email
Steve Veno Member 919-363-8262  Email