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The columbarium at St. Mary Magdalene offers the option of a burial site near the church, a tradition originating in the early church. This makes a powerful statement of our faith: our ultimate goal is to live this life in Christ so that one day, through death, we can share in eternal life with God.

Our columbarium is primarily for deceased members of St. Mary Magdalene parish and their immediate family members. The columbarium is located directly adjacent to our church, thereby enabling people to complete their earthly spiritual journey near where they worshipped.

How do I reserve a niche in the StMM columbarium?

You have several choices for making your reservation:

  1. Provide required information and select the location of the niche through our online form located HERE
  2. Complete a reservation contract and submit it to the Columbarium committee by delivering it to the parish office in person, through the mail, or via fax (919)-657-4805.
  3. Email or call the parish office (919)-657-4800 and request a meeting with a member of the Columbarium Committee


Once you have submitted the required information, the columbarium committee will review your contract and present it to the Pastor for signature. Once the contract has been executed, we will provide you with a package which includes your fully executed contract, a proposed rendering of the niche faceplate, the StMM Columbarium Guidelines, and a copy of the StMM Columbarium FAQ document. We strongly recommend storing this entire package in a safe, secure place with your other important papers.

Other questions?