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The Funeral Ministry of Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church provides hope for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. We endeavor to be a source of love, comfort, encouragement, and support as the bereaved journeys from mourning to joy. 

If you've just lost a loved one and want to talk to our Funeral Team about planning a funeral, please contact the Parish Office at 919-657-4800 x7281.   We will connect you with the Funeral Team.

In order to support the funeral planning process, we kindly request a donation of $475 (payable to StMM).  This can be given to the Church along with the planning sheet.

Your donation will be used to pay the musicians, provide an honorarium to the presiding priest, and to help defray the expenses related to the use of the facility and resources.

You may print and use the forms below to help with planning.