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The Way

The Way Program

Adolescent catechesis is like an apprenticeship into the Christian community – and apprenticeship requires opportunities, experiences, and strategies that foster both knowledge and skills. Through The Way, we integrate an intentional catechetical dimension; e.g., youth gatherings on Sunday evenings, prayer experiences, annual retreats, and on-going service projects, while also providing specific catechetical opportunities that utilize methodology appropriate and effective with young people.

What is The Way?

The Way is a youth faith formation program open to teens in grades 9th-12th who are looking for community and also for those seeking the sacrament of Confirmation. At STMM we confirm in Spring of 10th grade.  The Way meets every Sunday from 7:15pm-8:30pm. Youth Mass will be held on Sundays at 6pm in the church.  The Way topics—broken open by adult CORE team leaders—use different forms of media and instruction to teach teens the importance of their Catholic faith during their often times tumultuous high school years.  The program schedule rotates through catechetical topics, service projects, social nights, and social justice issues. For the beginning of the year, all of this will be taught only in a  small group environment.

It doesn't take a village to run our programs, it takes an army! We humbly ask for you to consider volunteering in some capacity. We need you. There are many opportunities to assist with youth mass, small group leaders at The Way, service projects, and more! If you can volunteer please email Niki Bordelon at

The program is entitled 'The Way' because Christ tells us in the Gospel of John, 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, the life.  No one shall come to my father except through me."


Confirmation preparation is part of The Way at St. Mary Magdalene. Our program is designed to help our young people come to a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in their lives and in the life of our Church. We teach teens how to interact with that Spirit to lead a life that will draw them into a closer relationship with Jesus. Confirmation seals our Baptism and confirms our commitment both to the Church and to the work of Christ in the world.

The Diocese of Raleigh requires that Confirmation preparation occur over a two-year period. Please see the information below for timing and Religious Education requirements.

Confirmation for a teen who attends public high school

To receive Confirmation in May of Sophomore year: Teen is expected to regularly attend 9th grade (Year 1) faith formation and 10th grade (Year 2) faith formation at The Way. Confirmation sessions will be part of the curriculum each year.

To receive Confirmation in May of Junior year: Teen is expected to regularly attend 10th grade (Year 1) and 11th grade (Year 2) faith formation at The Way. Confirmation sessions will be part of the curriculum each year.

To receive Confirmation in May of Senior year: Teen is expected to regularly attend 11th grade (Year 1) faith formation and 12th grade (Year 2) faith formation at The Way. Confirmation sessions will be part of the curriculum each year.

Confirmation for a teen who attends Catholic high school

Choice A: Attend The Way every Sunday from 7:15pm - 8:30pm for Year 1 and Year 2 of Confirmation preparation.  (same path as a teen who attends public high school)

Choice B: During Year 2, the candidate attends 8 Confirmation sessions during the school year.  These sessions will be held at StMM on Sundays starting with Mass from 6pm  - 8:30pm.

Confirmation requirements for all teens regardless of where they go to high school

Parent(s) are expected to attend a required Confirmation workshop. Workshops are held in the spring of each year and they should attend one workshop before or during Year 1 or Year 2 of Confirmation preparation. If parents attended the Confirmation workshop the previous year, they do not have to attend back-to-back years. 
Teen is expected to select a sponsor who is a baptized Catholic, of at least 16 years of age, who received First Communion and Confirmation.
When possible, a sponsor should be the teen’s baptismal godparent. Parents may not be sponsors.
A Confirmation candidate’s family are expected to be registered and contributing parishioners of StMM before enrolling in Confirmation.
A teen attending The Way sessions (Choice A) can miss a total of 5 sessions over year 1 of preparation and 5 sessions over year 2 of preparation.  Should absences exceed these 5 sessions they will be placed in a 'deferred' status & repeat the year the following year.  Each year there is a total of approximately 20-21 sessions.

A teen attending the Catholic High School sessions (Choice B) can miss 1 of the 8 sessions.  If they miss more than 1 of the 8 sessions they will be placed in a 'deferred' status & repeat the missed sessions the following year & then receive the sacrament the following year.  
A teen should enroll and participate in Confirmation when they feel they are ready and they should be making this choice of their own free will.
There is a retreat requirement for Confirmation. StMM offers 2 retreats each year for high school teens to meet this requirement. One retreat is in the Fall and one is in the Summer of each school year. If a participant is unable to make one of these retreats, it is their responsibility to attend a Confirmation retreat at another parish. StMM will need an email or note from the parish where they attended the retreat. Catholic School based retreats meet this requirement. An email or note should be sent to StMM from the appropriate person verifying the date of the retreat attended. This information cannot come from the parent or teen.
There is a service project requirement. There is no minimum hour required. We ask the teen to find a cause or project that means something to them so that after completing their sacramental initiation they would hopefully continue with this cause/project.
Confirmation paperwork is now completed online.  Each candidate will receive an email asking them to set up an account where they will upload their baptismal certificate & complete the online forms.  Paperwork/online documents are handled by Vicki Kristoff who can be reached at

In year 2 of Confirmation preparation, the Candidate will need to provide information and documents (referred to as paperwork) related to Confirmation.  This paperwork is an integral part of Confirmation preparation and must be completed on a timely basis.

We now have an online Confirmation website where the paperwork is completed or uploaded.

Sometime in the September/October timeframe, you will receive an email from the Confirmation website with some initial instructions and a link to confirm that you received the email.

Once you have confirmed the first email, a second email will be sent with a link to the Confirmation website so that you can setup your own password.  This email will also contain your username and the website link.


Adult Confirmation at St. Mary Magdalene is for Catholics over the age of 18 who did not receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at an earlier age and who approach the Church as adults seeking reception of Confirmation are welcomed with great joy. Their desire for Confirmation will allow them to complete their initiation into Christian life. In the Diocese of Raleigh, the Bishop will ordinarily confirm all Catholic adults at diocesan celebrations.

Requirements for an adult seeking to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation:
You have had a Catholic baptism
You have received your First Reconciliation
You have received your First Eucharist
You have submitted to the parish office a copy of your baptismal certificate with sacrament dates noted
You have attended the catechetical sessions required for adult Confirmation
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