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Safe Environment

At the heart of St. Mary Magdalene are our volunteers. In order to foster a safe environment for our children and youth, all prospective volunteers need to be screened as required by the Diocese of Raleigh and Safe Environment team at St. Mary Magdalene.    

There are two volunteer “levels.”   Description and requirements are as follows:
Level B Volunteer (minimum clearance)
  • Has no age requirement
  • Is allowed supervised interaction with children and youth under the age of 18 only when a Level C adult is present.
     Requirements to become Level B Certified:
  • Complete Level B application (no background check)
  • Provide THREE references
  • Attend Safe Environment Training. (Anyone under 18 is not required to attend Safe Environment Training)

Level C Volunteer (highest clearance) 
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Is allowed unsupervised interaction with children and youth. (Adults attending a retreat or field trip with children or youth must be Level C.)
     Requirements to become Level C Certified:
  • Complete Level C application with approved background check
  • Provide THREE references
  • Attend Safe Environment Training

Safe Environment Training is held at St. Mary Magdalene throughout the year.  Dates and times for sessions are listed in the parish bulletin and on the right side of this page. Go to the diocesan website for sessions at other parishes.
Volunteers should keep in mind that:
  • All paperwork and verification must be on file prior to volunteering.
  • Volunteer certification is valid for five years.
  • You will be notified when your certification is due for renewal.
  • At least TWO approved volunteers must be present at all times.
  • Prior to an event where adults are supervising children or youth, contact the Safe Environment Coordinator to ensure proper clearance of volunteers.

Below are the St. Mary Magdalene recommended guidelines for “volunteer-to-child” ratios.

Age           Volunteer : Child Ratio
Infant                     1 : 6
Toddler                  1 : 9
3 – 4 years old      1 : 11
5 and up               1 : 14

If you have any questions, contact our parish and school Safe Environment Coordinator:

Bertha Smith, Email, 919-657-4800 x7301

Safe Environment Calendar